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Common Ledger

commonledgerThe Challenge:

To create a web presence that helps brand awareness in Australasia and supports the Common Ledger direct sales channel.

One of the big difficulties with marketing Common Ledger explaining a pain point that most accountants have lived with for so long, they are no longer aware it is a pain.

The goals of the site are to provide lead capture, create a community of evangelist accountants and to provide the messaging and tools needed to support the Common Ledger product and the sales team.

The Execution:

To achieve this we used a combination of the website, case studies (both video and text based), built in survey tools for lead capture, advanced analytics, and an explainer video.

Every aspect of the site is tested and refined with accountants on a regular basis and the analytics were setup to work in conjunction with the support tools to enable proactive support to all of our customers.

In addition, we set up communication tools and put in place an education strategy to inform accountants and to help support the sales team.

The Results:

We have built a thriving community of over 1,800 accountants.

Using a combination of the case studies and videos to help the accountant to understand their own pain, we were able to see 40% of direct engagements with accountants resulting in conversion.