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Digital Magazine and App


The Challenge:

To find a way to capitalise on brand awareness gained from having a presence at international education fairs in various target countries around the world.

Whatever we designed had to extend the life of the engagement at the education fair as well as reflect New Zealand as a technology leader

The Execution:

The free Study in New Zealand iPhone and iPad included a comprehensive course and Institution finder for New Zealand institutions and Issue #1 of the Learn More Stress Less magazine with stunning visuals and articles about living and studying in New Zealand.

Visitors to the fairs would be encouraged to download the app (which includes the magazine) to their devices.

Potential students to New Zealand and their parents would then have everything they need to help inform their decision to travel to choose Aotearoa above all other destinations.

The app also included push notifications and updates for upcoming events, interviews with students and more.

The Results:

This was an ambitious project with a plan to release a new in-app magazine every quarter.  The app and magazine were very well-received and was downloaded over 1,000 times, however, translations into the various languages required proved to be very costly. After two issues of the magazine, we made the decision to discontinue the project and allocate the budget elsewhere.