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NZ Postgraduate


na-postgradThe Challenge:

To showcase New Zealand as a world-class destination for Postgraduate study.

The core call to action was enquiries to the postgraduate courses showcased on the site.

The Execution:

We launched an inspirational site called New Zealand Postgraduate.  The site highlighted success stories from postgraduate students, New Zealand’s academic ranking and a video section called ’20 Answers, one Question’ where international postgraduate students and world-class tutors answered question designed to promote our academic achievements.

The site used advanced tracking and measurement capabilities on the platform to provide in-depth insights into visitor behaviour. We also continuously tested and refining the content and user experience using a combination of analytics and focus groups.

The Results:

The site achieved over 8,000 visits in it’s first 3 months, from a mixture of organic and paid media. Visitors who engaged with the site spent over seven minutes per visit, with 10% of visitors going as deep as enquiring to postgraduate institutions during their visit.