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Tell Us Your View

tell-us-your-viewThe Challenge:

After analysing a number of previous marketing campaigns, it had become very apparent that one of the most powerful types of messaging was user generated video content.  The difficulty was getting potential students incentivised enough to create their own videos.

The Execution:

To address this, we created the ‘Tell Us Your View’ campaign where students would create and send in their own image or video based content telling their friends back home why they loved studying in New Zealand.

Each of the students were competing to be the ‘Study in New Zealand’ ambassador for their home country and win a trip for their family and friends to come to New Zealand to experience why they love the country so much.

To counter the lack of motivation to create user generated content, we sent a lo-fi film crew to institutions and filmed students on site to create their entries.

The Results:

The campaign was a resounding success.  Combining the content we created on behalf of students and the user submitted videos and images, we had close to 200 powerful videos from peers of our target audience selling the benefits of New Zealand as a study destination.

The videos were rough and raw, the students were very sincere and honest about both the highs and lows of studying in New Zealand. Each of the students that entered became evangelists for this country and each video became reusable content we could use in a number of subsequent campaigns.