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Ultimate Study Break


ultimate-study-breakThe Challenge:

To create a friend get friend campaign to generate leads and awareness for potential students to study in New Zealand.

The Execution:

We created ‘The Ultimate Study Break’ campaign where students get a chance to win the ultimate trip to New Zealand.  The students get to fill a virtual van with their friends they want to bring with them, then using social media they promote their van to their own networks to vote up their chances to win.

The winning team would blog their journey as they travel the country in a hired van visiting tourist activities and key education institutions throughout New Zealand.

The Results:

We had mixed results with the campaign.  On the positive side, the campaign helped to grow our social media community by an additional 5,000 members.  On the negative side, we had lower than expected engagement and the digital platform the campaign was built meant we were unable to adapt the campaign as quickly as we had hoped.